103 Year Old Japanese Doctor Reveals the Secret to Long and Healthy Life



The oldest Japanese doctor, Shigeaki Him harm, claims that his healthy lifestyle is the secret of his long lifespan.

He is 103 years old but he looks much younger, and his body weight (60 kilos) hasn’t changed for many years. He says that the key to healthy and long life is proper nutrition.


Here are his principles:

Food is the most important

The doctor`s breakfast comprises of one banana and a glass of organic product juice joined with a tablespoon of olive oil or a glass of drain with lentil powder. Olive oil has various medical advantages and is particularly useful for your cardiovascular framework and skin. Moreover, his lunch comprises of a glass of drain alongside 2-3 bread rolls. Himohara`s supper incorporates of natural products, a tiny bit angle with rice, and 90 grams of fat meat two times in seven days.


The Japanese specialist conceives that it is imperative to feel positive vitality. For this situation, individuals don’t want to eat or rest. He clarifies this with the case of little children when’s identity energized neglect to eat and rest. Moreover, he guarantees that when individuals adore their employment and have sound associations with their loved ones, they feel finish and don’t want to take after strict eating regimen standards or dozing hours.

Live quick and have positive considerations about what’s to come

The specialist asserts that bustling way of life is in actuality extremely painful since it keeps you dynamic in life. Additionally, he suggests that you ought not to resign ahead of schedule, at any rate not before you are 65.



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